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Player's Name: Oliver Manoochehri

Squad Number: TBC

Position: Midfielder/Attacking 

Club(s): St John DFC, Littleton FC

Previous Club(s): Lichfield FC, Studley FC

Favourite Player: Zidane - he was always an amazing role model throughout his career, he had vision and creativity that inspired me, the things he did just made me go 'WOW' and I would run out into my garden to copy things I had seen him doing it! And on top of that he obviously had that little madness!

Favourite Hobby: Gym, Food and Netflix!

Favourite Team: Manchester United!

Why chose EIDFT?:

There is nothing better than representing your country no matter what level it is at. It is every boys' dream to play for England and I am proud I can live that dream!

What is your quote you always remember in football:

Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward! - Rocky

What is your greatest moment(s) in NEDFT Career:

It will be my greatest moment when we win the European Championship in 2019!

How would you describe yourself as a player in the team:

I am a very self focused player but I would never shy away from anything - they say when thy going gets tough, the tough get going - that is my attitude, but I offer lots of good creative and technical ability to my team as well as my experience at tournaments.

Which team is the toughest you have faced:

I have faced so many tough teams over the years but definitely Russia at the Deaflympics were very physical and a challenging team to play against!

Oliver Manoochehri is currently fundraising himself to go to Deaf European Championship 2019 in Crete, his target is £1000 to cover transportation, accommodation and other expenses. If you willing to support Oliver, please click the Donate button and contribute what you like!


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Thank you for your time and contributing Oliver Manoochehri