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England Deaf Football Team arrived at University of Manchester Metropolitan for their last friendly match!
Last and final friendly match for England Deaf Football Team before facing Czech Republic Deaf for European Deaf Championship Qualifier. Dean Humphrey, NEDFT Manager, felt confidence to complete the final test for the squad and see his tactical piece works against Czech Republic Deaf.
Friendly match hosted by University of Manchester Metropolitan and brought a great number of supporters to watch the game in a glorious weather.

The game begins with both side evenly possessed with the ball and neither the side grab a goal until twenty minutes gone, the opponent grabbed a goal with a tap-in after mistakenly confused in defending line.

Moment later, England Deaf Team still on their attacking mode to get a goal and get back in the game, Philip Swift wonderfully pass the ball through defender's line onto Jamie Clarke's feet. He then openly his body before take a shot, unfortunate hits the crossbar!

Jamie Clarke has not giving up and attempting to find another shot on target for a goal. The opposition defender failed the clear the ball away after intercepted the ball from Jeremy Millensted. Jamie Clarke battled for the ball and stole into the box, hit with his left foot and slide the ball into the goal. The goal leads Jamie's team back into the game!

The both side continues battling for their second goal, both strikers, Tommy Jackson and Jacob Willis, giving number of chances for the second goal and could not grab one.


A moment before the half time whistle, Jamie Clarke drives into the middle, received the ball from Jeremy Millensted. Jamie saw the opening space behind the defender line, chipped the ball over the line and Tommy Jackson chipped the ball with half volley over the goalkeeper into right side of the goal. Tommy's goal made the team lead two goals to one at half time.

A very quiet second half from the opponent side, England Deaf Football increases their number of chances but unfortunately they cannot find a goal. Both team leaves a goalless second half.

England Deaf Football Team were happy with their result after a difficult game and their chins were well high ahead of Czech Republic Deaf match for European Championship Qualifier.