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England Deaf Football Team defeated Czech Republic Deaf and opened a road to European Championship 2019 in Crete!

Since England Deaf Football Team opened their trial to create a new squad, Dean Humphrey, England Deaf Football Team manager, finalised his squad and then trained intensely until the biggest day of their competition. A day where England Deaf Football Team faced Czech Republic Deaf at home in Saffron Walden, compete for a place in European Championship 2019 in Crete.


Dean said 'This isn't about the players, this is about a team. A team shows passionate and commitment, fight to the end and bring home without empty-handed' 

Saffron Walden FC proudly hosted England Deaf Football's first home game at their stadium and launched the news across its town and its county. The news has brought a huge attention to over 300 supporters who came down and watched their own country playing.

A squad trained hard and worked tremendously through couple of months, the team with the age of 17 to 35 has brought together to represent their own country. Their hopes and dreams to achieve a huge victory against Czech Republic Deaf and take a place in European Championship 2019 at Crete.

Match Report as follows:

Team Line-up (4-4-2): Tom Boyle, Samuel Norman, Joseph Wylde, Daniel Mace, Fil Kamps, Dylan Cross, Jeremy Millensted, Jamie Clarke (C), Philip Swift, Jacob Willis, Tommy Jackson.

The game began with a whistle, a huge cheering and chanting by their fans as the battle starts to heat up, both team has nothing to lose.

Immediately after England Deaf Team kick off, a great deliver by Jeremy Millensted with a cross to left corner where the ball meets the captain, Jamie Clarke. Jamie quickly dribbled to the edge and sweep low ball to Tommy Jackson then hits the ball at the goalkeeper who saves opponent's hearts of protecting their own goal. The opponent clears the ball out for their safety. What a great start for England Deaf Team.

Jacob Willis scores the first goal of the game five minutes from kick off!

Few minutes later, Czech Republic Deaf tries to break the defense line, unfortunately for them, Fil Kamps intercepted the key pass and quickly gave it to Jamie Clarke. The captain then force a team counter attack by driving through the middle and sends the ball to the left flank where Tommy Jackson was onside and meets the ball. Tommy continues driving the ball into the box and unselfishly passed to Jacob Willis who is in an open space of the goal and tapped in for a first goal lead to England Deaf Football Team. What a great start, boosted their confidence to finish the game on high! 

Daniel Mace scored a wonder overhead kick after wonder assist! What is happening?!

England Deaf Team continues searching for a second goal to extend their lead after Jacob Willis scored a goal at the early start. 

Jacob Willis carries the ball on the right flank and tumbled down by a defender where the referee points a free kick on the right corner of the box.

Jamie Clarke, the captain, steps up to take the free kick and calmly visualise the movement of the players in the box. He then crossed which intercepted by goalkeeper who punches the ball, lands on Jacob's head follow by Joseph Wylde's half volley kick. The ball then finally comes to Daniel Mace, comfortably over-head kick the ball into an open goal! The fans cheered loudly as it was incredible to see! Daniel's goal extended his team by two goals to nil. The game is far from over.

Tommy Jackson made a third in first half! Incredible moment for him and his team!

The opponent cleared the ball away from their half and Jeremy Millensted picks up the ball and plays back to Samuel Norman who then gives the ball to Tom Boyle. Tom received the ball and gave a huge kick, sent the ball flying over defenders' head. The ball was almost landed onto Jacob Willis' feet but the defender tackled the ball away. Fortunately, Tommy Jackson intercepted the clearance on the outside of the box, quickly give a fake shot which sends the defender onto the floor. Tommy then controlled with his left foot and smash the ball passed the goalkeeper to left bottom corner of a goal. What an incredible moment for the debutante to score a first international goal! The result finish 3-0 at half time. Another 45 mins to go

Jacob Willis hits his second of the game! England Deaf Team took a step closer to European Championship!

Into the second half, number of chances continues to rise and not one of them able to be seen in the net.

Jacob Willis receives the ball from Samuel Norman on the right flank, Jacob then attempted to drive but stumbled to the floor after the defender caught on Jacob's leg, referee pointed a free kick on the right flank.

The captain, Jamie Clarke, takes the free kick with nice cross to meet Joseph Wylde's head, the ball bounces and the defenders unable to clear it out. Tommy Jackson sees the opportunity to shoot but the defenders are in the way, Tommy made a quick decision by back-heel pass to Jacob where he has more opening opportunity, smashed the ball into back of the net! Four goals lead for England Deaf Team!

England Deaf Team has successfully finished the game with a great win of 4 - 1 against Czech Republic!

The final whistle blew and the crowd cheered incredibly loud as England Deaf Team achieved a great win against Czech Republic, thanks to goalscorers, Jacob Willis (2), Tommy Jackson and Daniel Mace.

The players showed their smiles as their dream came true to be on the road to European Championship 2019 in Crete!

Their time is not yet done, the team will have so much work to be completed as they will train very hard until European Championship. They will be facing Ireland and France as their international friendly matches!