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England Deaf Football Team travelled bottom of England and defeated Baffins Milton Rovers FC!
Dean Humphrey, Manager of NEDFT, and his team travelled down to Portsmouth and played their second friendly match against Baffin Milton Rovers FC. A very soggy weather through the weekend, leaving the pitch slippery and muddy. A huge challenge for the team to perform on a difficult condition pitch.

The match has given a one minute silence to remember a wonderful gentleman, Simon Bennett, who has worked with deaf football for number of years, in both Fulham DFC and Great Britain Deaf Football Team as a physiotherapist.

The game began with an early goal scored by Dylan Cross. Fil Kamps intercepted the ball from the clearance of the opponent, quickly combination of 1 to 2 passing with Philip Swift before driving down on left flank. Fil swoop a cross into other side of the box where Dylan Cross has made an intact with the ball on his chest, swiftly finish with his left foot to bottom right corner. A goal gave England Deaf Footbal Team a lead with one goal to nil.

A few moment later, England Deaf Football Team still searching for a second goal until Tommy Jackson netted the second for his team. NEDFT was in possession of the ball, Jeremy Millensted delivers the ball back to defending half on Jospeh Wylde's feet. Joseph sees the opportunity of through ball to Jacob Willis', Jacob control shakily and the ball was freely move to the side, quickly one touch finished by Tommy Jackson to bottom left corner.

Just before half time, NEDFT still attacking to get a third, Philip Swift pass to Jacob Willis on the edge of the ball, he quickly move the ball to the right and got fouled by a defender, referee pointed a penalty. Philip Swift stepped up and unfortunately, his shot was saved and the game continued with the result of 2 goals to nil.

After half time, Jamie Clarke through ball into the space, Jacob Willis grabs it then suddenly fouled by a defender, referee pointed a penalty and Dylan Cross takes the penalty for his team. Dylan netted the ball which gave NEDFT 3 goals lead.

NEDFT still giving their attacking mood to look for fourth, Jamie Clarke received the ball from Dylan Cross' pass, dribbled to the ball and send the defender away with a turn before finish curled into bottom right corner. Four goals lead for NEDFT.

Final goal moment after a goal conceded mistakely, thanks to Jamie Clarke with a clean tap in, assisted by Rylan Casey who receives the ball from Dylan Cross, quickly saw Jamie Clarke in a open space.

The game completed with the result of five goals to one. Their next step is facing University of Manchester Metropolian before their final test.