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England Deaf Football Team defeated Ashton Town FC
in a friendly match!
England Deaf Football Team formed a new squad together with the age between 17 to 40. The team created by its manager, Dean Humphreys, in the beginning of February after defeated by Turkey in October.
The manager has seen the new and old faces trialled in beginning of February at Wolverhampton FC Training ground and then decided to make 25 men provisional squad ahead of European Championship Qualifying match.
England Deaf Team arranged their first training weekend at Wigan and competing Ashton Town FC for the first friendly match to test the squad.

Dean and his team travelled to Ashton Town FC Stadium and prepared for their first friendly match. It was not easy for Dean to decide who remains in 17 men squad and who step down to stand-by list ahead of European Championship.

The match was evenly attacking in both halves by both teams, 21 minutes into the game, Gino King scored a first goal for England Deaf Football Team after conceded a goal in early start of the game. Philip Swift crossed into the ball and it was untouched by number of defenders before Jamie Clarke stole a ball of the defender on the left side of the box. Jamie turned into the box before delivers to Gino's space and simple one touch finish to the bottom left corner and got the team back into the game.

The battle on both team continues to show number of great chances but no ball has entered into the net.

Dylan Cross received the ball and drives into the middle while shuddering with the defenders until his leg got caught by defenders for a foul just outside the box. Jamie Clarke, Captain, step up to take a free kick, cleverly tactic low pass by the ball to Jacob Willis' foot before Fil Kamps finished into the goal. A great tactical piece set up by Jamie Clarke.

Ashton Town FC scored a moment before half time whistle which leaves the result of 2 - 2 at Half Time.

After half time with the team in a deep talk and tactical changes by Dean Humphreys. Ten minutes into second half, a quick counter attack delivers from Tommy Jackson with a quick pass to Rylan Casey before giving it to Jamie Clarke. Jamie drives few yards before through ball to Byron Down's feet and a great finish into the net.

Twenty minutes of the game, both team still searching for a goal to grab. Tommy Jackson finally grabbed a goal by second bite finish the ball through between goalkeeper's leg with left footed after shot saved by Joseph Wylde.

Couple minutes later, the opponent's defender failed to clear the ball, Tommy Jackson grabbed the ball with a quick turn and sweep low ball to Byron Down's one touch finish. Giving a great result with 5 - 3 Full Time.